ManagEnergy Talks

Held in the evenings, before or after the Networking Events, the ManagEnergy Talks are open to the public, with the goal of including representatives of all stakeholders, and provide them with information about the latest developments in energy efficiency financing and project development.

The Talks are meant to serve as a forum for the discussion of new political initiatives, legislative processes or financial innovations from the different perspectives of all relevant stakeholders.

Each Talk will start with a key note speech by a well-known expert in the field with the view of stimulating debate and engagement on critical and emerging topics, followed by a public debate.

The first ManagEnergy Talk took place as an official session of the EUSEW Policy Conference. Rob Hopkins, founder of the Transition movement and serial storyteller, was the guest speaker for this first edition. He centred his intervention on how we can use our imagination to steer the energy transition.

Beginning of 2019, the second ManagEnergy Talk was organised during the Covenant of Mayors Investment Forum - Energy Efficiency Finance Market Place. Per Espen Stoknes delivered an inspirational speech on the defenses we use to avoidthinking about the demise of our planet – and how to figure out a new way of talking about global warming that keeps us from shutting down.

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  • ManagEnergy Talk

    At the ManagEnergy Talk, Rob Hopkins will offer Learnings from the Transition movement, and how bottom-up change can make very real impacts ...